Instagram Rocket IPA for iOS, iPhone or iPad

With the Instagram rocket IPA you are able to add pictures and videos to your INSTA story and this will automatically disappear after 24 hours
Instagram Rocket  IPA Download

Instagram Rocket IPA brings you closer to the people and things that you love and also you are able to link you Instagram account to your Facebook account so as to remain in contact with your Facebook friends.

From this IPA, you are able to connect to friends, share what you are up to or better still see what is new from others all around the World even those that are not your friends.

What is Instagram Rocket IPA for iOS

People surely ask themselves what is Instagram rocket, this is a complete all in one tweak for the Instagram app of iOS and this Instagram rocket also contains the most demanded features such as downloading photos and videos from some one else's post, reposting any post  you see in your Instagram feed, downloading stories and many more other features which will be listed below in this post.

Placing aside  the new features in the Instagram rocket, the is no great difference between the two apps as the Instagram rocket is still as same in size as the normal Instagram but it just allows you enjoy the news features that comes with it.

Description of Instagram Rocket IPA for iOS

Instagram rocket is a mind blowing tweak that adds a group of useful new features to Instagram.  there are many features that users wish to see on the Instagram app and this might never be possible with the Instagram app but the Instagram rocket allows you access all those features which are lacking on the Instagram app.

Features Instagram Rocket IPA for iOS 

Express yourself and Connect with you friends 

With the Instagram rocket IPA you are able to add pictures and videos to your INSTA story and this will automatically disappear after 24 hours, you can also bring them to life with fun creative tools. Also, you are able to message your friends in Direct and start amazing conversation about what you see on feed and stories.

  • Instagram rocket shows the entire gallery instead of that of the last 24 hours in the story maker
  • Here you are able to download photos and videos from any stories
  • You can view stories without marking them as viewed
  • You can view the exact date and time of a post
  • You can migrate from the grid feed layout to the list view and vice versa
  • You can share images with many other different apps
  • You can hide sponsored ads
  • You can view direct messages without having to notify the sender
  • You are able to mute and unmute users from the home and activity feed 
  • Double tapping or holding on a profile picture, permits you to view it in full size screen
  • You can save any photo or video of your choice to your Camera roll
  • Holding on an image will permit you to view high resolution version of that image
  • You are able to disable the screen shot notification in direct messages
  • You can copy the caption of a post 

Instagram Rocket IPA for iOS  Details

Name Description
Apk Name Instagram Rocket Ipa
Size 66MB
Version v206.
Downloads 1,000,000,000

Download Instagram Rocket IPA for iOS 

If you have been looking for a way to download Instagram IPA for your iOS device, then you are actually on the right page since you can just download it from the link below this.

How to Install Instagram Rocket iPA on iPhone Using Altstore?

With the help of AltStore, we are installing Instagram Rocket iPA on iOS, Below are some simple steps to follow

  • Initially, you must download and install the Instagram Rocket iPA on the device.
  • Above we are providing the direct download link for the Instagram Rocket iPA file, just click on it.
  • Next, you must download and install Altstore on iOS, we are giving that link also in the above article.
  • After successful download and install of Altstore, Launch it from the iOS home screen.
  • In that click on the + icon that is shown on the left corner of the top.
  • Then you can see the list of IPA files downloaded, so select the Instagram Rocket iPA file and click on the installation through Altstore.
  • It starts the installation process, wait for few minutes to complete the process
  • Once the installation is completed, move to the home screen of the AltStore and navigate to the My Apps tab
  • To avoid untrusted Enterprise Developer Error, you can trust the app.
  • Follow the below Steps to Fix the Untrusted Enterprise Developer issue on your iDevices.

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