12 Ways To Improve Android's Performance

Find out 12 amazing tips that will help you improve your Android's performance in less than no time.
Android Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most from your Phone

Android smartphones are packed with features and capabilities that can enhance your mobile experience. Whether you're a long-time Android user or new to the platform, this article aims to provide you with some helpful tips and tricks to maximize your Android phone's potential.

Electronic mobile devices with and android mobile operating system seems simple to use from the surface but when you go deeper, you will find many ways to hack it for your convenience and customization.  So in this post, we are here to make you discover the android tips and tricks to find out how you can better enjoy your android device.

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How can I maximize my Android phone performance?

Sometimes, you will notice that your android phone encounters some slow functioning problems, takes too long to load an app or sometimes the screen goes off on its own even when you are using it so read down this post and discover some tricks and tips to get optimum functioning of your android device.

1. Uninstall Apps you no longer need

When you android phone, most of them often come with a number of helping preinstalled apps and many of this will surely be welcomed by anyone ( Maps, email, Browser, and many others ) but they some that you do not need them on your device. Like for example, if you are not a podcast lover then you will surely not need a podcast on your android device. The phone sellers always tend to install a good number of their own apps that may not be of use to you. 

So you will need to free up some space on your android device in for optimum functioning by simply long pressing on the undesired app to uninstall it. But unfortunately too there are some apps that comes in the android device that you cannot delete even if you will not be needing them but for those type of apps, you can simply Disable them and this will hide them from the interface and free up system resources. 

2. Use Digital Wellbeing Features 

It is not a healthy practice to stay up all night texting and scrolling down your device. Among the Digital wellbeing features, you will find Android 11's bedtime mode that will help you silence your phone at a set time and it also changes the screen's color into black and white in case you will have to look at the screen late in the night. The second recommended wellbeing feature is Focus mode which helps you silences noisy apps notifications.

Some phones like latest Motorolas and Pixels, turn on Do Not Disturb mode when you place them down with the screen facing down and this a quick and simple way to stop disturbances and obtain a good rest.

3. Edit Quick Settings

One thing about the android is that the Quick Settings needs two swipes in order to show more than one row and some times even after you have done that, you will still have 2 pages of them. You have to make sure that the settings you need most often are there in the first swipe-down row and and to do this, you can juts hit the pencil icon and you can then add useful tools like Focus mode and Dark mode switches. 

5. Install Apps From the Web 

On Android devices, Apps are generally installed from Google play and unlike iOS, you must have yoir phone at your disposal to install the app. You just have to go to Google play store in your Web browser and you van remotely install any app or game that you wish so long as you are still signed in to the same Google account the phone uses. 

6. Install a Launcher App 

This is among the customization types that iPhone users do not get on their devices. Even though you have an android, you can change the basic start screen on your phone by installing a third-party launcher app from Play store in order to make your android device look like an iphone. 

Some examples of noteworthy launchers include ; the Microsoft Launcher, Nova, Niagara, Smart Launcher, Lawn chair and Lighting. But you can also easily make your iphone look like an iphone by uisng the iOS 14 launcher that includes siri shortcuts and App Store icon in place of the Playstore icon and many others. 

Android Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most from your Phone

7. Customize Message Notifications 

On your Android 11 device, you can choose message notifications so that some contacts are more prominent over the others and the conversations stay grouped together. You can also set messages to appear on the top of any other running apps as bubbles. You can do this by just turning them on in settings and set the contact to priority. 

8. Boost up your storage 

One of the great advantages that Android devices have over iphones is that some Android phone models permits you to increase storage by adding a microSD card to your device. This advantage does not only offer you a way to store more media and apps on your device, but it also offers you an external backup means and also a way to easily transfer large amounts of file data between you phone and other devices. 

9. Install Antivirus 

When it comes to privacy and security, we can say Android is far more open that iOS and so it means that Android are also more open to malware attacks. Even though Google has built in a lot of strong protections, it is recommended for you to run an antivirus app on Android. 

10. Turn On Find My Device 

You can turn on Find my Device so that in case you misplace you phone or its get stolen, then you can easily get back to it from another electronic device even your computer with the help of a Map.

11. Secure your device:

Ensure the safety of your data by utilizing the following security features:

  •   Set up a secure lock screen pattern, PIN, or fingerprint.
  •   Enable two-factor authentication for Google services.
  •   Install reputable security apps and keep them updated.
  •   Regularly install system updates to benefit from the latest security patches.

12. Optimize battery life:

To maximize your phone's battery life, consider implementing the following practices:

  • Adjust screen brightness and timeout settings.
  • Disable unnecessary notifications and sync.
  • Activate battery-saving mode when needed.
  • Uninstall or disable unused apps.

Final Thoughts on Android Tips and Tricks For Getting the Most from your Phone

With these Android tips and tricks, you can enhance your smartphone experience by customizing your home screen, utilizing split-screen mode, leveraging Google Assistant, optimizing battery life, exploring hidden features, and securing your device. Android offers a wealth of possibilities, so don't hesitate to explore and make the most of your phone's capabilities!

Remember, the availability of certain features and options may vary depending on your Android device and operating system version. Feel free to explore further and adapt these tips to suit your specific device and preferences. Enjoy your Android phone to the fullest!

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What increases phone speed?

Removing them is the simple answer to how to make android phones faster. It will free up much space by removing the old data.

How do I get the most out of my smartphone?

Uninstall Apps You Don't Need. Most Android phones come with a healthy helping of preinstalled apps.

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