AdSense Ad Serving Has Been Limited; What you Can do

But once your Adsense account has been limted from serving ads, this will greatly affect your earnings cause your ads will be barely displayed

 When you have a website, one of the main aim of your website is to drive as much traffic as possible and later on start monetizing with your website. One of the best monetization means is by using Google AdSense and in this post, you will see how to apply for AdSense. 

But once your Adsense account has been limted from serving ads, this will greatly affect your earnings cause your ads will be barely displayed on your account and even when it is displayed, it will be done in fewer numbers. 

We can say that among publishers, Ad Serving limits have been a common pain in the recent years and the main theme for Google through out the year 2020 was invalid traffic which has led to a rise in enforcement action in an attempt to protect the digital advertising ecosystem from fraudulent actions which may lead to bad experience. 

For any blogger, waking up early morning and receiving the mail that AdSense Ad Serving has been Limited in your AdSense account is a great pain and may be very costly so that is why through this post, we are going to help you understand what to do when you receive such a mail and also how to prevent this in case you have never this type of mail from AdSense. 

AdSense Ad Serving Has Been Limited; What you Can do

What are ad Serving Limits? 

This refers to some account level enforcements that restricts the number of ads that an AdSense account can display. This ad Serving limit affects publishers earnings directly because fewer ads are shown to users which means fewer clicks and therefore less revenue on your account. 

This ad Serving limit usually last fro less than 30 days but in some cases might take very much longer so in fact there is no specified time when the limit will be relieved from your account. 

There are main reason why Google often limits an account is due to invalid traffic concerns which may be either by a publisher clicking on his own ads( intentionally or intentionally) or repeated clicks on a publisher's website coming from thesame IP address. 

What is Invalid traffic? In AdSense, when we say Invalid traffic, it includes any clicks or impressions that may artificially increase an advertiser's costs or publisher's earnings and this invalid traffic implies both intentionally fraudulent traffic as well as accidental or non- intentional clicks. 

Click on Googles ads must come from a genuine user interest and any other method that artificially generates clicks or impressions is strongly prohibited by our program policies so if an AdSense account is noted for high levels of invalid traffic, the account may be suspended or or even Disabled in order to protect their advertisers and users. 

Why Does Google Limit ad Serving? 

Ad serving limit is a method used by Google to limit the impact of invalid traffic while they also investigate a potential with some of their inventories. Ad limiting is just one of the numerous tools that Googles uses to combat invalid traffic on their network. Invalid traffic is generally known as the type of traffic or click that does not result from a genuine human interest and advertisers get no value from this type of traffic. 

What can I do if my AdSense ads Serving is Limited? 

Once a publisher receives the type of mail that talks about ad serving limit being placed on their accounts, most publishers will just wait untill the the limit is lifted cause there is almost nothing to do in order to remedy the situation. 

During this frustrating period, whatever a publisher tries to do in order to catalise the process of the ad serving limit being lifted, they will still have their ad serving limit until Google is satisfied that there is no longer any no longer any problem with your account. 

In some cases, this ad serving limit may be lifted as early as after 7 days or even 14 days but in some cases it might take forever for it to be lifted. 

So the 1st thing to do is to show Google how important your website is to them  by trying to hit 1k page views and above per day if you are not yet reaching this number of page views so that this might triger them to lift the ad serving limit more easily. 

Secondly if your website is not yet hitting atleast 1k page views per day then i will advice you to wait for 40 days then if your account is not yet lifted from the ad serving limit, you can now trying other options like closing down the limited account to open another AdSense account. 

To close down the limited AdSense account, you have to first remove all the websites linked to the website account before closing it down. 

Once you have closed it down, you will have to wait for 3 to 4 days before trying to sign up a new AdSense account more preferably with a different e-mail address too. while waiting for these 2 to 3 days, you can take time to remove all the ads code of the closed down account on your websites. 

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