How To Create A Verified And Valid Paypal Account In Cameroon

PayPal accounts created inn Cameroon still have limited features. Pay pal Cameroon still has limited capabilities.

PayPal accounts created in Cameroon still have limited features. Pay pal Cameroon still has limited capabilities. Without any bank account attached to your Cameroonian Paypal account, funding your account is practically impossible. With your debit/credit card linked, Paypal only serves as a middleman.

How To Create A Verified And Valid Paypal Account In Cameroon

After reading this article, you should either know how to create a valid and verified Paypal account or you should be the owner of a verified Paypal account in Cameroon. If you have ever wondered whether Paypal is available in Cameroon, we will show you in this article that Paypal is valid in Cameroon. This was possible in 2011 when the Paypal company extended their services to Cameroon making sure that Cameroonians can join the Paypal company.

What is PayPal and What is a PayPal account

PayPal is an online payment system that provides a quick and easy method or way to pay, send and request money online world wide. PayPal is the most known and effective payment system used by many merchants in their online boutiques. 

With PayPal, you can transfer money online to anyone, friends, family online shops, auction sites or online marketing sites such as eBay.

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How to create a verified Paypal account in Cameroon

You will just have to follow the following points step by step:

1. Go to Paypal Cameroon and sign up for a new account

- Go to the link Paypal Cameroon to sign up

When you click on the link, it will bring you to this page. After filling your Mobile phone number, it will take you to another page where u will just need to give a verification code that is sent to you via the number you just wrote.

Note that the verification is for the Paypal company to be sure that the account is created by you because others can use a different person's number to just to steal.

Enter your necessary information as it is demanded on the next page. That will include your first and last name, your email address, and you will have to suggest a strong password for your account that you can remember. 

Enter your next information as shown below after clicking next from the previous step. These steps include your address.

And don't forget to read the privacy agreement and after reading it you confirm to it. These policies are important to guide you on how to continue with the account in the future.

That's it with your account. You then have your account but your account won't work in Cameroon if you just end there. 

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Enter Credit card or debit card details

You will then see a form for you to add credit card or debit card details. This process will link your Paypal account to your credit/debit card. Linking them will help to transfer funds from either your Paypal account to your debit/credit card; or from your credit/debit card to your Paypal account.

Note: You may receive an error when trying to add the credit card. If this is the case, then you will need to skip this step and add the credit card address.

To add your credit card address, go to your PayPal account and enter the address section. Then add a new address. Add the below address as a new address in PayPal.

How to add virtual credit card address to Paypal

Once you've added this address, go back to your dashboard and link your virtual credit card to your account.  There shouldn't be any error experienced anymore.

But you are not done yet, your PayPal account is still limited for sending and receiving money till you verify that credit card you added.

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