How To Setup and Use A VPN

What a VPN Does,What is a VPN? How to Select a VPN,How to Get Started with a VPN ,How to Select the Right VPN Server

How To Setup and Use A VPN
On of the simplest ways that you can protect your privacy online is by using a VPN and it might interest you to know that installing and using a VPN app is quite easy. So no matter from where you are working wether in the office or from home, this is how to do it safely. 

It might sound a little but surprising to say you have to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as often as you can cause they are real threats to your privacy that you might not be aware of. 

Note that when you go online or you connect to the internet, your ISP-Internet Service Provider has access to everything you send and has already been given the permission from congress to sell your anonymized information to advertisers.

And with the outbreak of the Covid 19 Pandemic, many have been forced to start using Wifi and as such soem unscrupulous individuals can attempt to intercept your web traffic for their own personal and selfish benefits. 

What is a VPN? 

A VPN of full meaning Virtual Private Network, A VPN extends a private network across a public network and enable users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their electronic device was directly connected to the private network. 

What a VPN Does 

Just like every security  tool you might be using, it is very necessary to know what it can do and also the limitations of the tool you have. 

Once your VPN is switch on, your traffic becomes routed through an encrypted tunnel to a server operated by the company of the VPN that you are actually making use of. This can broken down to the meaning that your ISP and anything/everyone connected to your router will not be able to see your web traffic. Your traffic then exits into the public internet from the VPN's server. 

Since your traffic appears to come from the VPN's server, that means you real IP address is effectively hidden or not displayed. This is one of the main importance of a VPN cause IP addresses are distributed geographically and as such can be used to determine your rough location. So if you want to spoof your location , you can connect to another country and it will appear as if you are actually browsing the internet from that location. 

How to Select a VPN 

Before trying to use a VPN, you will have to take into consideration these few metrics which are very important in determining the quality of a good VPN 

  • A VPN service should allow you to connect to a minimum of 5 devices simultaneosly.
  • Check if the VPN service allows BitTorrent or P2P traffic on its servers incase you are aiming to use any of these technologies
  • The average cost of a top rated VPN service is $10.50 per month 
  • It is also necessary for you to know where a VPN company is based  like for example Nord VPN is in Panama 

How to Get Started with a VPN 

Once you have decided and settled on the VPN that you want to use, the first thing to do is to download the company's app and try connecting to the server that best suits you location. 

How to Select the Right VPN Server 

Choosing a VPN server mostly depends on the type of task that you want to perform with the VPN. like for example if your main purpose of using a VPN is just to mask your location, then you will just have to select the sever of a country that is far from your original country or any one of your choice. 


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