How to Quickly and Easily hide Apps on an Iphone

So today I will base on Iphones and on this post you will see the quick and easy ways to hide apps on your iphone device to maintain your privacy.

 When using mobile phones nowadays, one of the most important things to take into considerations is our privacy and i guess every want always have some personal stuffs in his/her device. 

So today I will base on Iphones and on this post you will see the quick and easy ways to hide apps on your iphone device to maintain your privacy. And in this post, you will find all the things you can do to maintain your privacy in your device intact even if someone gets hold of your unlocked iphone. 

Since the launching of iCloud and Touch ID, Apple has been the leader of all other electronic brands when it comes to privacy and also the close circle environment of all iOS devices permits Apple to keep security and privacy at first class.

Many other security measures  such as Face ID has also made the iphone an impenetrable fortress but once you have crossed these steps, the iphone becomes vulnerable to any access.

It is of no doubt that many iOS  users are on the hunt for methods to hide apps on an ios device. 

Unlike android, Apple devices does not have a feature that permits you to hide apps on your iphone and ipad but however, there are ways of making finding apps on your iphone or ipad look very tedious or almost unreachable for people who go around snooping your device once they have it unlocked. 

Step by Step   ways to Hide apps on your iphone 

1. Create iOS Home Screen folders and hide iOS Apps there 

In order to free up apps on your home  screen, iOS permits you create multiple folders and by using an App folder, you are able to bury the apps you want to hide by either placing them at the bottom of the folder or by placing them in a non suspicious folder filled with some other dull apps on the first page or even you can still better still apply both methods.

How to Quickly and Easily hide Apps on an Iphone

  • On your screen, long press on your on the app icon that you want to move to the folder
  • Drag the app and hover to an app or folder in case you want to create a new folder or move the app to the wanted folder
  • Then , you can drag an app to the right hand side of the page folder and you will be able to create many app folder pages. Then you will have to fill it with other boring and job related apps .

2. Move Apps to APP Library 

There is a new App library feature on iOS 14 and with this feature, you are able to remove Apps from the home screen later on access them from the App library which sorts the app according to Sirri's suggestions and also the App type.

Lets take for example that if  you move a game to the App library, you will be able to later on access the game by looking for the game in the section of "games" in the App Library. 

How to Quickly and Easily hide Apps on an Iphone

  • Long press on  the app you wish to move to the App library of your iphone 
  • A pop up menu will show up on your screen, press on delete- Move to library
  • Then later after doing these, you will be able to access the apps from the App library 

3. Remove the Hidden Apps from siri and Search  Suggestions 

Siri registers and tracks your most frequently used apps and which are later on suggested in the search menu so if your hidden app is suggested to the user then its not worth hiding the apps as it will immediately be disclosed by Siri. But with iOS 14, you have the option to disable apps from siri's suggestions and also from the search app window. So here is how to proceed in order to perform this act

  • On your device, move to the " settings" app
  • then move to siri and search
  • Then you will see a list of installed apps, search and open the app concerned
  • After properly following all these steps, you should get to a host of settings on this page in which you will have to disable the following toggles; learn from this app, suggest this app , show App in search and Show content in search. 

4.  Hide App Notifications 

To get into a complete incognito app experience, you will have to disable the app notifications.

These are the steps to follow in order to disable App notifications 

  • Still move on to the settings
  • Scroll down then after finding the notification menu on the list ,tap on it
  • Move down while trying to find the app you want to disable its notifications and tap on app's icon
  • You will have to tap on the Allow Notification toggle switch before the app's notification will be disabled. You are also permitted to select where the app notification is supposed to be shown
  • In case you will want to maintain basic privacy for some apps like your social media apps, you can allow the notifications mostly on the lockscreen, notification centre or banners.
5. From the App store, Hide the App's Download History 

On an iphone even if you have deleted an app from the device, the App store is still maintaining all tabs on downloaded app history in the Purchased tab. And fortunately, the App store allows the hiding of app purchase history both free and paid ones.  So this is how to hide apps from the App store Purchase history 

  • From the iphone's home screen, move to the App store 
  • You will have to tap on the account's avatar found on the top right corner of the App store.
  • View your purchase story by tapping on the purchase app 
  • In case you want to restore the deleted app, just tap on the iCloud button or you swipe right to hide.

6. Ensure a Password Protect by using screen time 

Even though iphone does not have the capacity to hide apps or loch them by default, there is a specific parental control feature that allaows it though it is not the most amicable way to approach it. 

  • On your iphone, move to the settings app 
  • Scroll down and when you find Screen Time, enable it by setting the passcode.
  • You will find the device option open in the upper left corner 
  • From the list, tap on the iphone name incase you have many other devices set up from the same Apple ID
  • Select the app you wish to limit its screen time and then tap on the "ADD limit Button"
  • Then you will just have to pick the shortest time period with the time selctor and tap on the Add button.

 Now after that, when you or any other person attempts to access the locked apps on your device, it will show the screen time Window and ask you to type in the passcode.

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