Download Candy Crush Saga for iOS (iPhone,iPad)

Download Candy Crush Saga free for iPhone and make the most of your leisure time joining sweets. Candy Crush Saga is an addictive 'Match 3' type puzzle game. 

Download Candy Crush Saga for iOS (iPhone,iPad)

Switch and match Candies in this tasty puzzle adventure to progress to the next level for that sweet winning feeling! Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded with delicious rainbow-colored cascades and tasty candy combos!

Description of Candy Crush Saga for iOS

Plan your moves by matching 3 or more candies in a row, using boosters wisely in order to overcome those extra sticky puzzles! Blast the chocolate and collect sweet candy across thousands of levels, guaranteed to have you craving more!

It has been a real hit and its success is probably due to how easy it is to play on any mobile platform, whether because you've downloaded the APK to your Android or because you're playing the iPhone or iPad version. The mobile version of the game developed by King, Candy Crush Saga, is definitely one of the most addictive titles of all time.

The game offers us hundreds of levels in which we'll have to help characters of the likes of Tiffi and Toffee around Candy Kingdom. You'll travel to all sorts of places in which your target will be to solve puzzles represented by panels full of sweets as indicated. That means that you'll have to match candies with others to make rows of 3 or more of them until they disappear and their place is occupied by others.

Each time you manage to remove sweets from the panel, your score will be increased depending on the number of candies you've managed to wipe out at once: if you get rid of loads or you chain several reactions, you'll receive prizes and extra bonuses that will help you out on future levels.

Features of Candy Crush Saga for iOS 

  • Different game modes: Target Score, Timed Levels, Drop Down Mode, and Order Mode.
  • Collect candies and increase your sweet counter.
  • Spin the wheel every day and win prizes.
  • Unlock new worlds as you increase your level.
  • Discover new environments and new characters.
  • Hundreds of levels with new ones every week.
  • General standings to view the scores of your friends and competitors.
  • Synchronize your game with different devices connected to the Internet.

Screenshots of Candy Crush Saga for iOS

Download Candy Crush Saga for iOS Download Candy Crush Saga for iOS Download Candy Crush Saga for iOS Download Candy Crush Saga for iOS

Candy Crush saga IPA Details

Feature Description
Last Updated 09/16/2021
Version v1.210.2.1
Size 314MB

Requirements of Candy Crush Saga IPA

Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 9.0.

  • Compatible with:
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch

Download Candy Crush Saga for iOS

You can download Candy Crush Saga your iOS devices from the link below and enjoy the numerous features of the file. 

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