Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK [ All Unlocked]

Download Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK [ All Unlocked]
 If you are looking for an excellent gps tracker, which can work with Open Street Maps or Google, love outdoor activities or travel - this is the app for you!

Description of Geo Tracker Mod APK

Record gps tracks of your trips, analyze statistics and share them with your friends. You can view the tracks and the surrounding area in the application using scheme from OSM, Google or Yandex, as well as satellite images from Google or Mapbox - this way you will always have the most detailed map of the area anywhere worldwide. The map areas you view are saved to your phone and remain available offline for a while (this works best for OSM maps and Mapbox's satellite images). To record and calculate track's statistics only a gps signal is needed - Internet is only required to download map images.

While driving, you can turn on the navigation mode, in which the map automatically rotates in the direction of travel, which greatly simplifies navigation.

The application can record tracks while being in background (on many devices, this requires additional configuration in the system - be careful! The instructions for these settings are available in the application). Power consumption in background mode is greatly optimized - on average, the phone's charge is enough for a whole day of recording. There's also an economy mode - you can turn it on in the app settings.

Features of Geo Tracker Mod APK

Geo Tracker can help:

  • Making the way back in an unfamiliar area without getting lost;
  • Sharing your route with friends;
  • Using someone else's route from GPX, KML or KMZ file;
  • Marking important or interesting points on your way;
  • Locating a point on the map, if you know its coordinates;
  • Showing off colorful screenshots of your accomplishments in social networks.

Geo Tracker calculates the following statistics:

  • Distance traveled and recording time;
  • Max and average speed on the track;
  • Time and average speed in motion;
  • Min and max altitude on the track, altitude difference;
  • Vertical distance, accent and speed;
  • Min, max and average slope.

Recorded tracks can be stored as GPX, KML and KMZ files, so they can be used in other well-known applications like Google Earth or Ozi Explorer. Tracks are stored locally on your device and are not transferred to any servers.

Useful tips & tricks to solve common GPS issues with your smartphone:

  • If you start the tracking please wait with recording your activity until the GPS signal is found.
  • Restart your smartphone and make sure that you have "clear view" of the sky before you start (no disturbing objects like high buildings, forest, etc.).
  • The reception conditions are permanently changing because they got influenced by the following factors: weather, season, positioning of satellites, areas with bad GPS coverage, high buildings, forest, etc.).
  • Go to phone settings, choose "Location" and activate it.
  • Go to phone settings, choose "Date & time" and activate the following options: "Automatic date & time" and "Automatic time zone". It may occur that it takes longer until the GPS signal is found if your smartphone is set to the wrong time zone.
  • Deactivate the airplane mode in your phone settings.

If none of these tips & tricks helped to solve your issues, uninstall the app and reinstall it again.

Be aware that Google uses in their Google Maps app not only the GPS data but also additional data of the current location from surrounding WLAN networks and/or mobile networks.

Screenshots of Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK

Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK

Geo Tracker Mod APK Details

Name Description
APK Name Geo Tracker
Version V5.1.1.2617
Size 18MB
Category Tools
Downloads 10,000,000+
Developer Ilya Bogdanovich

Download Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK

You can download Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK from the link provided below:

Download Geo Tracker

How to Install Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK

As soon as you have succeeded in downloading Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK, you will have to follow the steps below in order to install the mod apk on your Android device.

  • Go to System Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources and Enable this if not yet enabled.
  • If at all the game has an obb folder, you will need to extract the contents of the zip folder using ES File Explorer
  • Once you extract the Obb folder from the Zip file, you will need to place it in your internal storage or SD card (default storage). To do that, you need to copy the Obb folder and paste it in the directory Android >> Obb.
    If the Obb folder isn't available, just create it and paste your game Obb folder.
  • Now locate your downloaded Mod apk file from the link provided above and install it.
  • Launch your newly installed Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker MOD APK and enjoy the numerous unlocked features!!!