Free XModGames on iOS for iPhone, iPad – No Jailbreak 2022

XModGames are the third party games for the iOS devices. As you may be familiar with the fact, for downloading third-party sources to your iOS device
Download XModGames for iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak [2020]
Games are one of the best sources of entertainment in everyone’s life. With the going on advancements the trends and the way of the pattern for playing games also have been changed to a great extent. XModGames now has become the first choice of most of the iOS users.

Description of XmodGames on iOS

XModGames are the third party games for the iOS devices. As you may be familiar with the fact, for downloading third-party sources to your iOS device you need to first jailbreak your device in order to break down all the connected limitations. Jailbreaking of any iOS device may sometime cause a serious threat to the security of your device and hence strictly needed to be avoided.

Now if you have bought an iPhone and wanted to get XModGames on your device without jailbreaking it; just follow the step by step procedure given below. With the help of this app, you may enjoy the unlimited fun of playing various games such as Clash of clans, Minecraft, Angry Birds, Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga, 8 Ball Pool and much more. You will get detailed information about the features and the procedure of installation for XModGames in this content; hope it will help you a lot. 

There are thousands of games accessible in the Apple App Store. Check out XmodGames if you have an iPhone or iPad and want to try out mods for free without having to jailbreak your device. This software allows users to download modded versions of popular iOS games with only one tap from a user-friendly interface that is simple on the eyes - no complicated configurations required like in other apps. There's also built-in recording, so others may see what you're up against when watching high-level gameplay recordings before you even realize it.

Features of XmodGames for iOS

  • XModGames include various new Gadgets in the game which enable you to enhance the way of social interactions in the games.
  • It also includes various built-in features like screen capture and smooth HD Record.
  • It also includes various forums where you can easily go for multiple discussions and also can share the live game experience with your gaming partners and friends.
  • You can go for enhancing the experience of gaming by downloading various exciting
  • XModGames also enables you to get various super game mods and can easily surpass your opponents.
  • This game mod keeps you informed by timely updates and various other supports.
  • It also provides you various massive mods and handiest tools for the mainstream games.
  • The user interface and the compatibility are the other additional features of this wonderful app which makes it one of the first choices among the various app users.

What you need for Installing XModGames on iOS

  • An active internet connection.
  • A Windows or Mac computer system.
  • iOS devise.
  • A dedicated USB cable for connecting your iOS device to the computer system.

How to get XMODGames without Jailbreak

Begin with downloading the iFunbox tool from the official website here

There are two versions of the tool available for both Mac and Windows users. Download either one, run it to install iFunbox on your computer. It's an app that will help you with a lot of tasks!

Next download the XmodGames.deb file to your PC.

Connect the iPhone or iPad to the PC using a USB cable.

Open iFunbox. Wait for a few seconds and now copy the d.deb file into it by following the below steps.

Click on iFunBox Classic tab. Next click on Connected Devices and select Cydia App Install.

Now drag the x.deb file into the Cydia App Install section on the iFunbox tool.

Restart your iPhone or iPad. When the iPhone restarts, iFunbox automatically installs the x.deb file onto your iPhone.

Download XModGames for iOS

You can download XmodGames for your iOS devices from the link below and enjoy the numerous features of the file. 

Can't download from the link above, copy and paste the link below on your browser

Once you have downloaded this file, check out 

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