Helix Jump IPA - Download for iPhone iOS, iPhone, iPad or iPod

Helix Jump IPA  - Download for iPhone iOS, iPhone
Move the helix and make the ball fall from floor to floor making it bounce as less as possible. That's the plot of the casual game Helix Jump for iPhone. 

Until now, the kings of casual games were undeniably the guys of the French studio Ketchapp, to such an extent that this video game development company was purchased by the giant Ubisoft. Under its protection, they now distribute titles released for both Android smartphones and iPhones.

Description of Helix Jump IPA

The name of the game says it all. Our target is simple: to make a ball go down all the floors of the helix until it reaches the bottom. That's the only way to overcome each level. However, the difficulty obviously lies in the fact that we aren't in control of the above-mentioned ball, that depends on the helix: we'll have to move it left and right to make the ball fall through its holes.

We'll have to bear in mind that there's a limited number of rebounds and that we'll die once we reach that amount. In turn, each floor of the helix contains fragments we can go through, which will add points to our score, just as if we had advanced several floors at once without touching any.

The game comes along with new features in every update but don't think that the developers offer us anything we had never seen before. Just new animations, new levels, new colors... as well as fixing different bugs.

Requirements of the IPA File

  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 10.0.
  • Compatible with:
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch

Screenshots of Helix Jump IPA

Helix Jump IPA Helix Jump IPA Helix Jump IPA Helix Jump IPA Helix Jump IPA

Helix Jump IPA Details

Name Description
APK Name Helix Jump IPA
Version V3.6.0
Size 335MB
Category Arcade
Downloads 10,000,000+
Developer VOODOO

Download Helix Jump IPA

You can download Helix Jump IPA from the link provided below: