Cointelegraph Markets Pro IPA Download for iOS

Cointelegraph is one of the world-leading digital media resources that covers the news of the crypto market, blockchain technology, fintech and the ne

Download Cointelegraph Markets Pro IPA for iOS

Description of Cointelegraph Markets Pro IPA

Market-moving news alerts. Investor sentiment. Institutional-grade analytics. Trading Academy. Investor community with expert AMAs. It’s all here inside Markets Pro.

The Cointelegraph Markets Pro app is optimized for current subscribers.

The Cointelegraph Markets Pro app brings more of what our traders want straight to your iOS device.

Cointelegraph is one of the world-leading digital media resources that covers the news of the crypto market, blockchain technology, fintech and the next-gen web. We offer the latest insights, crypto asset prices, breakthroughs and analysis, with emphasis on cryptocurrency enthusiasts and expert opinions.

Features of Cointelegraph Markets Pro IPA


Enjoy our selection of articles on all areas of crypto:

  • Beginners’ intro to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain with Bitcoin 101, ICO 101 and others
  • Stories covering cryptocurrency mining, wallets, events and scams
  • Reviews of digital assets exchanges and markets
  • Comparative analysis of ➡️ Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, EOS and all the major cryptocurrencies
  • In-depth coverage of all the biggest developments


Now, there is no need to open a browser and search cryptocurrency prices, charts, volume and other market data. Our app will give you easy access to all crypto and Bitcoin prices. The data comes from ➡️ Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, OKEx, Bitstamp, HitBTC and Kraken. It is also not difficult to find historical price charts, trading volumes, exchange rates and circulating supply stats. All data is available against fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, RUB). Configure alerts for price changes of ➡️ BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, EOS, XLM, BNB and others.


With the Cointelegraph widget, users will always stay up to date. Embed it into your website, track real-time news, and altcoins and Bitcoin prices. You can also customize the widget and choose the layout, the amount of Bitcoin news, base currency, and dark or light themes.


The Cointelegraph app is optimized for tablet screen sizes as well. Users can receive breaking crypto news alerts, choose various themes and use bookmarks. Listen to articles as you go about your day with the «Text-to-Speech» feature.

Cointelegraph IPA Details 

Name Description
Apk Name Cointelegraph
Size 10.1MB
Version v1.1
Category Finance
Downloads 100,000+

Download Cointelegraph Markets Pro IPA for iOS 

You can download Cointelegraph for your iOS devices from the link below and enjoy the numerous features of the file.

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