Download PyyPl IPA for iOS - Free

Download PyyPl IPA for iOS - Free

Description of PyyPl IPA for iOS

Are you looking for a fast, simple, and secure payment card? Try Pyypl. Get your free card in just two minutes from your phone and start using it immediately.

Pyypl virtual debit card is a "load first, then use" 100% safe prepaid payment card, without the usual problems that traditional credit cards have. Working in over 50 million shops and websites across the globe, Pyypl can be used anywhere in the world. This genuine alternative to the classic credit cards ensures you can quickly and easily pay by debit card whenever you need it. 

Features of PyyPl IPA for iOS

Spend securely

Pyypl is safe for online payments. You do not need to worry about someone using your card illegally, as you can control your card by freezing and unfreezing it with a tap.

Everyone qualifies

No bank account needed, no minimum salary, no minimum balance, no post-dated cheques, no paperwork, and no branch visit. All nationalities are welcome!

Receive & transfer money

Quickly receive and transfer money with other Pyypl users. You can also remit money to the Philippines with one of the best market exchange rates.

Track your spending

Enjoy complete visibility and control over your spending.

Load your Pyypl card

Easily load your account either with cash, other debit and credit cards, bank transfer and using other m-wallets.

Send online Top-up. Instant Mobile Recharge

Send your instant recharges directly from your Pyypl account.

Recharges and Bill Payments

Buy your recharge card for Du, Etisalat, Virgin Mobile, Salik, Hello! VoIP, Five VoIP, iTunes UAE, Google Play, and Netflix.

Download the Pyypl app, and your card is immediately ready. It only takes 2 minutes.

You only need one form of ID, such as an ID card or passport, and a mobile phone number.

Your information is 100% safe with us - we will NEVER share it with anyone.

You can stop using Pyypl anytime - there is no contract or commitment. Just simply uninstall the app, or click "close my account" in the Pyypl app.

Your card is a digital debit card that is sent to your mobile phone electronically. You will receive your virtual Pyypl debit card number in your app in just a few seconds, ensuring you can start using it immediately. You can use and pay by Pyypl card in over 50 million shops and websites across the globe.

Pyypl is entirely safe to use for online shopping, with no risk of receiving any unwanted credit card bills. You can only use the money that you have loaded, and Pyypl will soon be working with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Pyypl is an official financial services company based in UAE and Bahrain and is authorised by Financial Services Regulatory Authority in UAE, and the Central Bank of Bahrain, giving you complete peace of mind that this is not a scam but an officially approved card.

If you want to pay with your Pyypl virtual debit card, you just need to simply load money onto it to. With Pyypl, there are no commitments, and you can add credit in one of the thousands of kiosks in the UAE and Bahrain. Experiencing any issues? Click the "?" button in your e-wallet Pyypl app, and our team is on hand to help you.

Where can you use your Pyypl card?

You can pay by Pyypl card in over 50 million shops and websites both locally and internationally.

Screenshots of PyyPl IPA for iOS - Free

PyyPl IPA for iOS PyyPl IPA for iOS PyyPl IPA for iOS PyyPl IPA for iOS PyyPl IPA for iOS

PyyPl IPA for iOS Details

Name Description
APK Name PyyPl IPA
Version V1.95.571
Size 129MB
Category Finance
Downloads 1,000,000+
Developer Pyypl Ltd

Download PyyPl IPA for iOS - Free 

You can download PyyPl IPA for iOS - Free  from the link provided below: