How to Unlock and Watch DStv Premium Channels for Free Without Subscription

In order to receive TV signals from the satellite, a user has to install a satellite dish that is connected to a decoder.

 Dstv is one of the largest satellite television providers in South Africa. As of late 2013, there are 1.8 million subscribers in South Africa. Each subscriber is able to access over 130 channels including sports, news, movies and children’s channels, plus 14 High-definition channels. The service is delivered through a combination of satellite and terrestrial technology.

In order to receive TV signals from the satellite, a user has to install a satellite dish that is connected to a decoder. The decoder is connected to an aerial cable, which is connected to a Dstv decoder box. The decoder box is connected to a television set.

How to Unlock and Watch DStv Premium Channels for Free Without Subscription

Dstv is an entertainment superstore, a collection of hundreds of channels that let you watch whatever you want, whenever you want. And—in theory, at least Dstv is also a perfectly secure service. But all that is about to change. Because here is the truth about Dstv: it’s not as secure as you think. It has bugs that allow you to watch channels without paying for them. It’s possible to peel away the layers of Dstv’s security and watch channels for free. 

Watch DStv Premium Channels for Free Without Subscription By connecting DStv Explora to Internet 

Offcourse it is  no longer news that the DStv decoder can easily be connected to the internet by making use of  the Ethernet cable but however, the use of the Dstv wifi connector made it simpler for users to access online based channels on the decoder. Moreover, connecting to the Internet would enable users to access features like the catch up plus and a list of amazing options.

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There are two ways to connect the Dstv decoder to the internet, depending on the distance from the home router. Therefore, if the decoder is placed very close to the home internet, connect using the ethernet cable. On the other hand, use DStv wifi connector to connect the decoder to the internet.

Connecting Dstv explore to the internet using the ethernet cable will ensure a steady connection. Moreover, there won’t be any need for wifi extenders as it’s directly connected to the home network.

However, interference from wifi connected devices such as TVs, players, and other gadgets will be avoided as its directly connected to the Internet. And also, to avoid the problems of DStv wifi connector not connecting to internet every day. Here is a step by step method to connect DStv explore to wifi using an ethernet cable.

How To Connect Dstv Explora To Internet Via Ethernet Cable

provide the required materials to connect to the Internet; router, ethernet cable, and DStv Explora decoder.

Connect one end of the ethernet cable to your home router and the other to the ethernet port at the back of the DStv Explora decoder.

Now, check if the decoder is getting the internet signal. To check if it’s picking up the internet press the help button on the remote, select tools – connectivity checker, and press ok.

All services are deactivated by default. Turn on connected services and select the ones to enable. Press the blue button on the remote, proceed to Settings > User Preferences > Connected Services. now, select services to enable.

The use of wifi connectors made it easier to connect DStv Explora decoder to wifi even when they are meters apart. You can handily make your connections wirelessly and prevent ethernet cable from running from room to room.

However, to avoid wifi connector not connecting to internet, ensure you have a steady and unlimited internet connection. So, turn on your wifi router and follow below steps to set up DStv wifi connector.

How to Unlock Digital Decoders and TVs

When you follow these procedures presented below, you would be able to unlock GoTV and StarTimes decoders with ease. So Haven stored the .bin file in the flash drive or memory card as directed above, plug or attach the storage device into the decoder, while the flash or memory card stick, is in the decoder, turn ON the decoder, take your remote and go to settings.

Quickly go to the upgrade section and choose the USB option and confirm that you indeed want to upgrade from the USB storage device attached to the decoder. After the confirmation, the upgrade process will begin. Wait for few minutes for the upgrade process to complete.

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Don’t be worried about this new upgrade as you can always take your decoder back to factory settings whenever you feel like paying for new subscription.

Note: I have received many reports from users who experienced ‘no match file’ error during the course of performing this trick on their decoders. Don’t worry about that, it can be fixed. You just have to ensure that you unzip the downloaded DTB firmware zip folder and copy just the .bin file in that folder into your storage device you want to use – either flash drive or memory card.

You can also follow this directive by a particular user that experienced the same error.

As soon as you are notified by the decoder that the upgrade has been successfully completed, you just have to turn the decoder OFF and then turn it ON again.

After turning it ON, perform an automatic scan of the channels. You will discover that you are not restricted from viewing any channel. With this, you definitely must have saved yourself the money you would have used to pay for monthly subscription to view most of these premium channels that you now enjoying. So this trick will enable you to access or view premium channels on any digital decoder you are using in your home or office.

Earlier, this kind of trick was required for different digital decoders but now you can use just this particular trick and implement it in any digital decoder and it will work effectively as you desired. It worthwhile to mention here that this article is meant for educational purposes only, so apply caution while using it.

Method 1 to Watch DStv Premium by connecting to Free DStv Channels codes 

Are you looking for "Free Dstv Channels Codes"? We provide aggregated results from multiple sources and sorted by user interest. You can easily access information about "Free Dstv Channels Codes" by clicking on the most relevant link below.

Method 2 By Making use of the Moded DStv App 

You can also benefit from Free DStv channels in the moded DStv app and benefit from the numerous unlocked channels that comes along in the app. By downloading the DStv app, you will benefit from numerous features such as ; 

  • You are able to tune in and start live streaming selected TV channels through 3G/4G or WIFI connection
  • If you missed on any of the live events, you can catch it on later by watching a selection of the most popular shows, sports highlights and movies on the Catchup feature of the app. 
  • If you do not want to finish up you mobile internet connection, you can download close to 25 videos on Catch Up while you are using a WIFI connection so that you can watch it later offline.
  • If you wish to plan your viewing in advance, you can add Catch up items to your watchlist to come back to later or better still you can access the full 8-days Tv Guide and set reminders in order to arrange your viewing 

  • This app offers you the freedom to watch you best loved DStv entertainment even when you are on the move or far away from your home

NOTE.The Live TV and Catch Up content on the DStv app will be as per your subscription package and country. Due to geo-blocking this content can only be played within the countries in the DStv territories.

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