Ranking the Most Profitable Blog Niches | 8 High Paying Blog Niches to Try for Now

But however one of the most important choices you have to make before starting your blog is to choose your Blogging niche

Most profitable blog niches

Most of the Bloggers that think of starting up a blog, they often get in with the aspiration of growing their blog into a business and if this is also one of your main reasons why you thought of starting a blog, then welcome to the club ! 

It is an amazing feeling to make money from a blog and this is also a sign that your digital labours and hours spend in front of laptop screen are finally beginning to pay off. But however one of the most important choices you have to make before starting your blog is to choose your Blogging niche.  Also if money is your main goal for starting that blog, then you will have to pick a blog niche that has enough on the table to be worth your long hours spend in front of the Laptop. Here is a quick idea ranking of the most profitable niches to try this year;

  1. Health and Fitness 
  2. Personal Finance 
  3. Fashion
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Business and Marketing
  6. Technology and Gaming
  7. Travel 
  8. DIY Blog 

Why Choosing a Blog Niche Matters

There are numerous advantages of picking a blog niche rather than just being a lifestyle blogger cause selecting a blog niche allows you to

  • Become an Expert - There more you get use to writing in a space, the more authoritative you become in the eyes of readers and Google- that is if your content is valuable. 
  • Face Less Competition- Multi- niche bloggers have to compete in every niche that they cover while you will only have to worry about immediate competition as a single- niche writer. 
  • Narrow your Focus- It is not an easy tack to grow a business especially if do not have a target audience or theme that you are based on.

Top Blogging Niches that will make Money

It is always necessary that before getting into blogging, you should have a topic for your blog but in some cases we do not have any idea at all but after going through this article, you will discover the most income generating blogs engage on. The Blogs that will be listed below are all big, popular niches that have been around for years and can help you make a lot of money so long as you choose a niche  that you are also passionate on.

1. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are popular topics and you will surely find an audience if you are blogging something in this field.  This is one of the most popular blog niches that one can select and it is also lucrative niche which means there are a ton of blogs that will be competing with you if you decide to take this niche.

The health and Wellness niche has always been a goldmine for bloggers since the internet started and people are always searching for fitness advices , new recipes or general wellness tips that can help them to better their health, cut down or gain a little bit of weight again.

By deciding to talk about this blog, there are numerous angles from which you can decide talk about such as

  • a particular diet
  • Various types of exercises
  • Various approaches to health

So if you decide to engage in this blog, be ready to face a high level of competition since it among the most popular blog niches.

2. Personal Finance

We all need money and even those that have billions of dollars still want to earn more and also spend less or save more so that they can further use to in their different projects. Blogs based on Personal Finance have found large audiences and again also there are a lot of ways which you can approach blogging on this blog. 

It is not surprising that talking about money is one of the popular blog niches that also generates more money as compared to the others on this list. We can say that people do not often like talking about money but it is of no doubt that they read about it, so the personal finance niche will get attention through out the year. 

You can decide to write about 

  • Frugality which mainly includes money saving tips, using coupons, anti consumerism and many others 
  • Debt - Paying it off, mortgage or student loan
  • Budgeting 

3. Fashion

Here comes another largely popular blog niche in the world and it can also be a good money making niche since everyone is often interested in reading about how to look good and this can be particularly good if you are the type that love posting on Instagram which is where some fashion bloggers have become especially influential. 

Most of the Fashion blogs often focus on the blogger and include a lot of photos so if you want to remain anonymous or you do not like being photographed then this type of fashion blogging for sure is not meant for you. 

Fashion Blogging is greatly associated with women but this niche is not just for women and there are also numerous men out there doing pretty well with their fashion blogs and earning a lot of money. 

4. Lifestyle

If you are new in the field of blogging, then the lifestyle niche can be pretty confusing so let us break it down to your understanding. Lifestyle simply means writing about a range of different topics that are connected through having the same audience. 

Like for example, you might have a lifestyle blog where you write about food, fashion and motherhood. The connection lies in the fact that you are writing for women in their 30s and 40s who want to eat well and look good while also raising their young children. 

In this blog niche, you can mix various topics but at the same time you have to ensure that your blog has a very clear brand to give it focus and direction so as to give more authority to your blog. 

5. Business and Marketing

In this list of the most profitable blogs, the Business and Marketing  space lies in the 5th spot and this niche is often further narrowed down into smaller niches such as; online businesses, affiliate marketing, SEO and marketing best practices or Entrepreneurship. 

But no matter the smaller section of this niche that you decide to base on, they all have  a common feature which is that of high paying display ads and lucrative affiliate offers. 

There are a lots of blogs out there that are based on business and marketing related topics and if you have been reading a lot about blogging, you might think that every popular blog talks about something to do with blogging, marketing your products or starting up a business. 

Depending on your expertise and on the field in which you are most inspired on talking about, you can decide to blog on ; 

  • Business-to-Business marketing 
  • Business-to-Customer marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Small businesses 

6. Technology and Gaming

The fast paced technology niche is great for making money from affiliate income, either directly from manufacturers and software companies or through a website like amazon. It is of no doubt that your best advertising routes will be through advertising( Google AdSense) and affiliate marketing. 

One interesting fact about this niche is that even if you do not in-depth product reviews, a technology o gaming blog will give you lots of chances to link to products or software using affiliate links. 

And in this niche, you can decide to talk about various fields such as ; 

  • You can decide to talk about specific equipment or gadgets such as phones, handsets, digital cameras , fitness trackers or chromebooks 
  • Games for Consoles, PCs, mobiles 
  • Latest News - usually about a particular company or type of product 
  • Tutorials- You can decide to talk about a specific tutorial or in a more wide range and here are some examples of websites that is based on amazing tutorials- AimtutoMilkytuto

7. Travel

Ranking the Most Profitable Blog Niches 

 The second to the last niche among the most profitable blog niches is the Travel niche which is also a hugely popular niche both with bloggers and the number of readers that make up this niche. You can choose to blog on your own travel and monetize through affiliate links to Hotels, recommended travels buys and so on. 

Taking great and professional pictures are a of course an important part of this blog no matter youa re going to base your writing on.  

You can decide to focus on your travel blog by writing on; 

  • Specific countries or continents showing the things to do, restaurants to visit and ways to get around 
  • Travel deals for flights, Hotels, packages 

8. Education

Another amazing and profitable blog niche is that on Education and this includes online- only education websites, college advice blogs and even homeschooling blogs. The main reason why Educational niche is profitable is due to the fact that obtaining education is generally very expensive

Here are examples of some websites that are base on the education niche- Entitledknowledge , Scipticscience 

Other Popular Blogging Niches to Consider 

  • Crafts Blog 
  • DIY Blog 
  • Parenting Blog 
  • Food Blog 

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