The Best Websites for learning Web Development online | The Top 7 Websites to Learn Web Development Online

Have you ever imagined at which point it can be easy for you to develop your web development skills when you have the right online courses allows you

The Best Websites for learning Web Development online
Have you ever imagined at which point it can be easy for you to develop your web development skills when you have the right online courses that allows you to learn from experts? In this article, you will discover the 7 best websites that you can use. With the fast developing technology all around the world, web development has become one of the most critical skills in today's economy and this is because, behind every mouse click there is a computer program that makes things work like magic. But you should have in mind that learning how to code is not easy nor effortless. 

We can say that learning how to code requires the mastery of complex tools, frameworks and languages due to the fact that every aspect of creating applications and websites require a set of skills. No matter your level of idea in the web development, you still need the right resources to learn web development in the easiest of ways. 

Great Websites to Help you learn Web Development Online

So with that in mind, let us get down to our main lane and discover the list of best resources to bring you up to date on front end, back end and full stack web development. 

1. Microsoft  Learn

So here comes the first websites on the our list, Microsoft Learn is widely recognized for its cuztomisable learning paths and its interactive ways to web development. Here, you can find Certifications, advance your career and access 80+ hours of content at a Zero cost price. So if you are a fox in the field of Web development, then Microsoft Learn will suit best for you with its Beginner courses, modules and Certifications.

This site holds over 800 resources on web development and it covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Azure, Dynamics and Flow. Also Microsoft Learn allows you to keep track of your progress so that you can be excited and motivated to learn each day that goes by.

Microsoft is exceptional due to its special knowledge Checks, which instead of penalizing you for anay wrong answer, it explains to you why the other answers are better, thereby helping you to better concentrate on how much you have actually learned.

Visit Microsoft Learn

2. Pluralsight

This website is highly known for on - demand technology learning, Plural sight is the best online resource for developers and IT professionals. These website has a variable range of courses from Cyber security to Software development to data handling, Pluralsight covers almost everything necessary for you to grow your skills.

Whilst, this website has authored courses, skill assessements, certification prep courses, and labs, Pluralsight also shows you the top trending paths so that you know prepare your mind on what to leanr next.

If you are also a Beginner looking for courses to help give you a spike in your skills about web development, this website has an index rank technology of over 850 technologies that can help you assess which technologies are worth learning at the moment.

After learning each course, you can determine your level of expertise through a 20 question test set for you to answer. They count about 6000 courses exclusively focused on web development.

Visit Pluralsight

3. Treehouse

Here comes the third websites on our list of the best websites where you can learn web development online. Treehouse offers a free trial for seven days and also provides the best online coding classes for at-home learning, followed by video courses and modules for beginners and other skill levels. They also have quizzes and code challenges which makes learning interactive and hands on.

One amazing feature of this website is that when you want to learn and master a new skill set, you can enroll in a track and have your learning mapped out in this mini- course. Aside form learning all the languages, frameworks and principles which are necessary for web development, you can stay up to date with your skills at all times with the Treehouse diverse library.

You are able to find free resources in its Tech Explorer's Tollkit. There is also a 100 days of code challenge that permits you to spike up your web development game at a continued pace and as if that is not enough, Treehouse also has a vibrant and dynamic network of industry professionals.

Visit Treehouse

4. W3 Schools

The Best Websites for learning Web Development online

This websites also offers you with a wide range of courses online, from tutorials to references to courses on web development, W3 schools' curriculum helps you build up a strong foundation in the domain of web development. Even though are paid resources for learning and training, but most of its resources on HTML, Javascript, Programming, XML, CSS, Server Side and Character Set are free.

You are able to see all the available courses in the W3 Schools' course catalog and if you if you had like to practice coding, you can make use of IDE available. All of the courses on this website are self paced and they come with a Certification.

The " how to section" of this website helps you learn, train and test specific web development applications better and it also has a wide range of languages for you to make your choice.

Visit W3 Schools

5. The Odin Project

This website has a full stack curriculum being absolutely free and this website is widely considered as one of the most resourceful websites on web development online. Supported by a passionate open source community, the Odin Project features three learning paths and a number of projects that are especially helpful for beginners.

The most amazing feature of this website is how its curriculum is always being updated, and you can see the real time statistics on its home page. Here you can learn at your own pace while being part of the dynamic community in Discord. You can level up in this website to be a contributor once you have well mastered all your skills in the field.

Visit The Odin Project

6. Codecademy

Codecademy is one of those websites that believe in learning by doing and if you are not quite sure on where to begin, then take a quiz that will help you figure out where you are on your web development journey. Here, you are able to learn how to code for free with millions of meaningful community IT professionals.

Aside from the fact of having standalone courses with certifications, Codecademy has career paths to help give you a structures and complete learning experience and you can decide to view its full catalog before having to choose a course.

This websites has vidoes, articles and blogs on web development to help you stay updated with the latest we development trends while learning how to code.

Visit Codecademy

7. Codewars

This website adds  some fun to web development by having a martial arts-themed website. Its training exercises are called katas, and once you sign up for a kata, you can use test cases to check your progress.

There are multiple options to retrain with creative and optimized approaches. As you complete higher ranked katas, you'd be matched with relevant challenges so that you can master specific skill sets. Codewars also has an exceptional community where you can discuss best practices, innovative techniques, and more.

Most of this content was gotten from Makeuseof

Besides, you can create your own katas and challenge your community with excellent training exercises at Codewars.

Visit Codewars

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