Agent Action Mod APK 1.6.1 (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

 Download Agent Action Mod APK – latest version – Free for Android and put your spy skills to the ultimate test! Kill bad guys, retrieve crucial information and be a badass!

Agent Action Mod APK 1.6.1 (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)


Action’s his middle name. Actually, it’s his only name, and he’s the all-action star of this all-action shooter. Landing right in the heat of the action on his heli-umbrella, Agent Action’s a sharply dressed sharp-shooting spy with a license to do some absolute carnage and an awesome 🔥 range of ballistic weapons.

Race through exotic locations, chase down the bad guys on land and water, and bring down colorful supervillains in epic boss battles, all with dash of old Hollywood style.

Spies are some of the most overdone and popular characters in all of media. We’ve got movies like James Bond, The Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible and Kingsman just to name few. These popular movies have millions upon millions of fans in the whole world. And now, the spy genre has also reached mobile games.

Agent Action developed by SayGames has over 1 million downloads in Google Play Store alone. This super cool spy game has all the elements that make up a successful mobile game about spies: The spy, the cool gadgets and weapons, the bad guys and the missions. In this epic game, your mission is to save mankind from all things evil! Ready to take on this daunting task? Read on to know more!

Features of Agent Action Mod Apk 

A fast-paced shooter with smooth retro stylings! 

★ Ready, aim, fire! Agent Action offers bite-size chunks of adrenaline in multiple action-packed levels of shooting mayhem. Dive straight into the action, pick a target and let rip against an endless stream of bad guys.

★ Hold to shoot! Neat game mechanics make Agent Action easy to play but endlessly entertaining, with enough tactical challenges in weapon selection, targeting and fire-rate to keep more experienced players engaged. Between levels, you’ll have the choice between health boosters, armor or more awesome firepower, and your choice could be the difference between victory and death.

★ Classic spy-caper style! The game’s slick graphics and funky soundtrack recall a host of classic spy movies, as you blast your way across deserts and the decks of cargo ships, along railway platforms, through train carriages, and into the high-tech lairs of supervillains, all while retaining the ineffable cool of an international man of mystery.

★ Follow that boat! Car chases, boat chases, and a series of heavily-armed bosses keep Agent Action on his toes and ensure plenty of variation in the game.

★ Nice arsenal! Complete levels to gain dozens of perks in the form of shotguns, sniper rifles, SMGs, RPGs and all the other deadly initials, as well as a host of pyrotechnical explosives that open up a variety of new gameplay options. You can also customize them to your own personal playing style.

★ Make friends on your travels! Every action hero needs sidekicks, and Agent Action has an address book full of useful contacts. Get cash for completing levels and use it to unlock these colorful playable characters, all paying tribute to classic Hollywood heroes and heroines.

A world of action at your fingertips!

Easy to play but as gripping as any classic spy movie, Agent Action’s a game that brings big-screen thrills right to your phone.

Indulge your inner international man of mystery, download Agent Action now and start saving the world one dead villain at a time.


Agent Action Mod APK 1.6.1 (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked) Agent Action Mod APK 1.6.1 (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked) Agent Action Mod APK 1.6.1 (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked) Agent Action Mod APK 1.6.1 (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

Agent Action Mod Apk Details 

Name Description
Apk Name Agent Action
Size 52MB
Version v1.6.1
Category Action
Downloads 10,000,000+

How to Download Agent Action Mod Apk

You can download the Agent Action mod  apk from this page by clicking on the link below 

Download Agent Action Mod APK

How to Install  Agent Action Mod Apk

  1. After you must have downloaded the Mod APK from the above link, you need to follow some steps to install the APK successfully especially when you are still just a noob in these kind of stuffs.
  2. Go to System Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources and Enable this if not yet enabled.
  3. Now locate your downloaded Mod APK file from the link provided above and install it.
  4. Launch your newly installed  Mod APK and enjoy the numerous unlocked features!!!