Best Web Development Courses for Beginners | What is the Best online web development course

Web Development refers to those activities that are related to website functionality development. best web development courses for beginners.

 Web Development refers to those activities that are related to website functionality development. We should also have at the back of our minds that websites are designed differently and there exist 3 basic components conduct for every interaction between a user and a website. 

  • Client or Frontend- This refers to the local computer, device or browser and one of the biggest challenge here lies in the fact that you have to make sure that a website functions precisely the same way on all browsers. 
  • Server or Backend - This part of web development includes site code generation and database handling. The remote computer that is being run on the other side  is the server and it is responsible for site code generation and data base handling. 
  • Database - A web database  is accessible from a local network or the internet instead of one that has its data stored on a desktop or its attached storage. 
Best Web Development Courses for Beginners

Once you have established and understood the 3 basic components, it is then easy to understand where the web development lies in the whole process.

Why Learn Web Development

We have noticed that digital literacy is fast increasing and everything now goes online from food delivery to shopping goes online, therefore increasing the need for web developers who are in charge of coding all websites. We cam say that it is the web developers that build interactive websites for various businesses hence easing the organizations to offer their services at a  global level. Below are the numerous reasons why one has to learn web development;

  • Freelance opportunities are availaible
  • It is creative and fun
  • The job offers a high income
  • There is a high demand of web development jobs in the market so you can never be unemployed
  • You are able to work from anywhere given that you have your laptop with you and a stable internet connection.

What is the Best Online Web Development Course

So as we have already seen earlier before the basis of web development, let us now get down to see some best web development courses for beginners.

1. Become a Web Developer by Codecademy

Codecademy is a website that offers you with self guided tutorials for beginners that have the intensions to learn the basics of web development programming. It provides you with in-browser, Self-contained development environment where you are able to learn the fundermental structures for front end languages like HTML, and CSS before you can go into back end languages such as Ruby on Rails and Python. It is of no doubt that this is the best web development course online available nowadays.

What will you learn during this course?

  1. Understand the Full Stack - You will be able to master the tools that front end developers make use of, that is from HTML to React, plus server-side back end JavaScript libraries such as Express.js. 
  2. Build a Web App- From this online course, you will be able to go beyond the landing page and build the back end of a web application and even create your API.
  3. Show off your skills - Build a portfolio- worthy projects while you learn, so that you can show recruiters your skills and kickstart your career as a web developer.

You can sign up for the course Here

2. Computer Programming By Khan Academy

Khan academy is a great site that helps you cover a specified subject with detailed explanations and this site also features a variety of self guided tutorials alongside some audio and video guidance that are provided by experts on the topic. During narration, interactive on screen windows show the code and the output  of the results.

What will you learn during this course?

  • Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation
  • Intro to HTML/CSS: Making webpages
  • Intro to SQL: Querying and managing data
  • Advanced JS: Games & Visualizations
  • Advanced JS: Natural Simulations
  • HTML/JS: Making webpages interactive
  • HTML/JS: Making webpages interactive with jQuery
  • Meet the professional
You can sign up for the course Here

3. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

MIT is one of the best technical schools in the United States and they offer an abundance of self guided courses that will you greatly help you in gaining skills in a good portion of the Python Programming language.  The MIT OpenCourseware program brings to you an amazing breadth of topics to learn about, including hundreds of courses relating to programming, development, mathematics and computer engineering.

This course is mostly based on High school algebra and aptitude for mathematics but the Programming background is often preferred and the duration of the course is 9 weeks.

What will you learn during this course?

  • A Notion of computation
  • The Python programming language
  • Some simple algorithms
  • Testing and debugging
  • An informal introduction to algorithmic complexity
You can sign up for the course Here

4. Programming For Everybody by Coursera

For those that are interested in studying programing online, here is another website  that offers tons of online courses from a variety of universities around the world including both free and paid.  Each course varies slightly form the other by the format and timeline but most of the courses available are on Programming, development and computer science as a whole. 

Here, everyone is being taught with the basics of programming computers by making use of Python and the course has no prerequisite but only requires the lowest level of mathematics. Those having intermediate computer experience will be able to easily master the materials in this course.

The duration of this course is 12 hours which means that one can assimilate it well in 3 days if the person decides to practice 4 hours a day.

What will you learn during this course?

  • Making use of core programming tools such as functions and loops 
  • Using variables to store, retrieve and calculate information 
  • Install Python and write your first program 
  • The basics of the Python Programming language
You can sign up Here

5. Learn Web Development by Mozilla

Am sure most of us are familiar with this name as a browser but the team behind this Firefox web browser, has created an amazing resource for developers of all levels and expertise through the Mozilla Developer network.

These articles, resources and tutorials are mostly for those that absorb information and learn the best using the tested method of reading words and seeing examples right there on the page. The range of topics provided here is vast starting from basic web introductions and front end languages to common vocabulary and optimization and performance.

What will you learn during this course?

  • Get started with the web.
  • HTML- Structuring the web
  • CSS- Styling the web.
  • JavaScript- Dynamic client-side shifting
  • Accessibility- Make the web usable by everyone.
  • Tools and Testing.
  • Server-side website programming.

You can sign up for the course Here

6. Web Fundermentals

Best Web Development Courses for Beginners

This web fundamentals site was created by Google and it helps provide a wide assortment of items and tutorials based on web development topics with an intended audience that goes from beginners to advanced developers. This course does not require any prerequisite and it is a self paced course too.

What will you learn during this course?

  • Overview
  • Architectural Patterns
  • Design and user experience
  • Integration and Engagement
  • Media and VR
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Base Technologies

You can sign up for this course Here

7. The Web Developer Bootcamp

This is the perfect course for all beginners in the domain of web development and it is one of the most recommended courses especially for those are willing to learn on a budget. This course teaches you a wide range concepts that would permit you to be a perfect web developer and job - ready for the industry.  This course just like most of the other courses, it does not demand any prerequisite and it has a set duration of 46.5 hours.

What will you learn during this course?

  • You will learn how to make web  applications by making use of cutting edge technologies
  • You will learn how to create a blog application from scratch by using Express, MongoDB , Semantic UI
  • You will learn how to write JavaScript based on browser games
  • Translating between jQuery and Vanillas JS
  • Manipulating DOM by making use of jQuery
  • Manipulating DOM by making use of Vanillas JS
  • Creating full - stack web applications from Scratch
  • Writing JavaScript functions and understand scope and higher order functions
  • Creat eComplex HTML forms
  • Code our own browser based game
  • Create Static HTML and CSS portfolio sites
  • Build web apps with full authentication
  • Create good looking responsive layouts by making use of Bootstrap
You can sign up for the course Here

8. Computer Science 50's: Introduction to Computer Science

For those that are in search of introductory courses in the field of computer, then you are in the right area as the Harvard University provides this course  that gives an introductory knowledge on computer science and programming for candidates with or without any prior programming experience.

The author of this course guides the students to think algorithmically and solve problems in an optimum way. The program covers numerous topics such as ; some include algorithms, data structures, web development, etc. Languages covered in this course are C, Python, HTML & CSS, Javascript, SQL, and More.

What will you learn during this course?

  • Fundamentals of computer science programming.
  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking.
  • Concepts like abstraction, encapsulation, resource management.
  • Overview of languages like C, Python, HTML, CSS & Javascript

You can signup for this course Here

9. Modern HTML + CSS For Beginners

This course is for both beginners and developers who intend to learn to build responsive user interfaces and websites with modern HTML5 and CSS3+ technologies like CSS Grid and Flexbox. The course includes hours of both learning & studying sections, along with real-life projects. Learn how to create your layouts and utility classes to build custom responsive websites and apps UIs.

What will you learn during this course?

  • Build Multiple High-Quality Website & UI Projects
  • HTML5 Semantic Layout & CSS Fundamentals
  • Flexbox & CSS Grid Projects
  • CSS Variables, Transitions, Dropdowns, Overlays & More
  • Website Hosting & Deployment With FTP & Git
  • All Skill Levels

You can sign up for this course Here

10. HTML, CSS, JavaScript for the Web Developers

This  course introduces to you the  the essential tools that is  needed for every web page coder to know. The program begins with searching for the implementation of modern web pages with HTML and CSS. Next, you get to learn to code pages, rearranging components, and resize themselves automatically with changing screen size. You will be able to code up a web page that would be for both the devices i.e., desktop and mobile phone. Further, the course also gives an introduction to javascript, an incredibly powerful language of the web. Lastly, you would build a fully functional web application using Javascript that utilizes AJAX to expose server-side functionality and data to the end-user.

What will you learn during this course?

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Twitter Bootstrap Framework
  • Coding a Simple Website
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
You can sign up for this course Here

Final Thoughts On Best Web Development Courses For Beginners

It is of no doubt that choosing a course from the millions of courses that one can find online is not an easy task but am sure if you decide to pick from the above list then you are already on the good run. 

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