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How to View Saved WI-FI Passwords on Android

Find out the steps involved if you want to view your saved wifi passwords on Android.
Ketcha Brandon
View Saved WI-FI Passwords

Well some situation often arise were we fall short of data and might sometime want to connect to a wifi that we have once been connected to but the password becomes and obstacle to doing so. In this article, I will let you know about everything that you can do to show your WiFi password using Android.

Also, if you are wondering if there is even a way via which one can see a WI-FI Password on Android, then this is the ideal guide for you. Sometimes you are connected to a WI-FI and might want to check the password for a family member or friend's network so that you are able to connect another device or maybe connect next time. Regardless of your reason, I am going to show you how you can find saved WI-FI passwords on Android by a making use of several different methods.

It is necessary you note that these methods will only allow you to see that passwords of WiFi networks that you have already connected to in the past and not for networks that you have never joined.

In fact, compared to other mobile operating systems, Android provides users with more features. However, it also lacks a few fundamental components. For instance, viewing the saved WiFi networks on your device is not possible with Android.

Although Google added the option to view passwords in Android 10, earlier iterations of Android still don't have this practical feature. Therefore, you must either use Android Debug Bridge on a PC or third-party file explorer apps to view the saved WiFi passwords on an older version of Android.

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How to View Saved WIFI Passwords on Android without Root?

Actually, starting from Android 10 system you are now able to see the WI-FI passwords of your saved networks even though you do not have a rooted device. So let us briefly take a look on how to carry out the operation using stock Android 11 on a pixel device but it is often necessary you note that the steps may differ a little depending on your phone and its Android version.

In order to view WIFI password on Android 10 and above, you will have to open settings and then move to Network & Internet. On Android 10 or 11 you will have to tap WIFI while on Android 12 you will have to select Internet.

Once you have done this properly, you will now see your actual WiFi network at the top of the list and it will be left over to you now to select options for the network.

Select the Share button on the Wi-Fi network's overview page. To continue, you must verify your face or fingerprints or enter your PIN code. When you do, a QR code will appear below a list of your network's Wi-Fi password.

So now that you already know your network's wifi password, you can give it to someone else or better still enter it on a different device so that you can start enjoying the internet connection too with that device.

The process is even more practical thanks to the QR code displayed on this page, which enables a different device to connect to the network without having to enter the password. By hiding the actual password, this improves network security and eliminates the frustration of typing the password incorrectly.

Methods to View Saved WiFi Passwords on Android

Here, I will share with you some of the most suitable methods that you can make use of in order to view saved WiFi passwords on Android with ease. The methods that will be outlined below can help you recover the lost WiFi passwords so stay glued to this article and discover them.

1. View Saved WiFi Passwords on Android Using File Manager

Well first of all before applying this method, you will have need to use a file explorer that will help you access the root folder. Incase you do not have a file manager app, you can download one from here. Also have at the back of your mind that this method implies you having to root your device but if you do not want to root your device for one reason or the other, then you will have to install File maagers like Root Explorer or Super Manager in order to view saved passwords on your device. Once you already have any of this recommended file managers, here is what you will have to to now;

  • The first step is you openning the file explorer that can access the root folder and then head to the data/misc/WiFi folder.
  • Under the mentioned path, you will find a file named as wpa_supplicant.conf.
  • You will have to open that file and then make sure to open the file in a built text/HTML viewer for the task. You will have to look at the SSID and PSK - since the SSID is the WiFi name, and then the PSK is the password.

It is left over to you now to note down the network name and its password so as to make use of it where you want to.

Note: Please do not edit anything in wpa_supplicant.conf, or you will end up having connectivity issues.

2. View Saved WiFi Passwords on Android Using WiFi Password Recovery

WiFi Recovery can be refered to as a free tool or app that requires toot access to recover saved passwords in your Android smartphone. You are able to make use of this tool to backup all your WiFi passwords on your device. Below are the steps involved when making use of this tool;

  • The very first step is for you to download and install the wifi password recovery app on your rooted Android device.
  • Once you have installed the app on your device, it is necessary that you grant the root permissions of the tool so that it will carry out its functions smoothly.
  • All of your saved WiFi passwords are now displayed along with the SSID name and password. Tap on the network and choose "Copy password to clipboard" if you want to copy the password.

I believe with these 3 methods above, you will be able to view saved WiFi passwords on your Android device regardless if the fact weather or not your device is rooted.

Final Thoughts on How to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

You might think about using a password manager in the future so you have your own list of significant Wi-Fi passwords and are not forced to use these workaround techniques. Additionally, you must ensure that an attack cannot be made against your own Wi-Fi network.

Well we have reached the end of the article and I hope this article was helpful to you? if yes you can let us know in the comment section and do not forget to follow us on our telegram channel in order to have more of our latest articles and updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android?

To see Wi-Fi passwords on an Android device, navigate to the Settings, go to the Wi-Fi section, and select the connected network. From here you can see a QR code and the Wi-Fi password.

How do I find my saved Wi-Fi password?

Open the Wi-Fi or Internet submenu in Settings. Tap the current network or select "Saved networks" and choose one. Tap "Share" below the network's name. Authenticate yourself if you have device security set up. See the plain text password under the QR code.

Can I see my Wi-Fi passwords?

If you have Android 10 or anything newer, you can find the wifi password directly on your phone following these steps: Go to “settings” on your phone, then “wifi”. Select “saved networks” and click on your home network.

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  1. Now, it is possible to view saved wifi passwords on your android device like Mobile, Tablet, ChromeOS etc.
    For this purpose, you need to Open the Settings app.
    Go to Network & internet (or Connections) and tap Wi-Fi (or Internet on Android 12 and later).
    Select the current Wi-Fi network you're connected to, or tap Saved networks to choose a different one.
    Tap the Share button.
    Authenticate yourself using your PIN, fingerprint, or face recognition.
    The password will be displayed below a QR code.
    Now, how to decode the QR Code Online, QR Decoder Online will help you to do that very easily by following steps
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